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Condolence Statement on London Attack

Condolence Statement on London Attack

"This attack on civility which took place is horrific and unjustified - not only for the people who died but the ones that have to now live with the consequences of this despicable act. This act that took place in no way is justifiable in Islam and is a complete corruption and distortion of our beautiful and compassionate faith.

An act such as this has the sole aim to create fear, divide and turn different communities against each other. We will not fall into their trap, we shall stay united, we will not let them succeed in their aims.

Our thoughts and prays are with all those that have lost their lives and family members who now have to live without their nearest and dearest. This not only applies to London but all lives lost around the world due to terrorism. 

Terrorism will never succeed"

Sadat Khan
Chairman of Madina Masjid

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