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Condolence Statement on Manchester Attack

Condolence Statement on Manchester Attack

Statement from Madina Masjid Oxford regarding the Terrorist incident in Manchester

Our condolences and hearts go out to all those who lost their loved ones on Monday night

Within that period we've also seen a bomb on a bus in Syria killing over 60 innocent civilians. We live in difficult times

Terrorism has become a sad part of the world we live in. However it's in the most difficult of times we've seen the best of our humanity in Manchester. People coming together from all aspects of society young and old, all faiths and colours helping each other through this most difficult of moments

If this was an attempt to divide us, on the contrary, it has brought us together. We will not let this evil act of terrorism win. Good will always overcome and rise above evil

We, at Madina Masjid Oxford categorically condemn this act of evil terrorism and we stand side by side with those men, women and children who have been affected by terrorism both in Manchester and around the world

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