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25 Rabbee-Al-Awwal, 1441
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Admission Procedure

If you would like to enrol your child at our Madrasah- Madina Institute Oxford, please download the attached Application Form here AAA_MIO_Application_Form_2019.pdf and hand it in to any staff member between 5pm-7pm [Mon-Fri]
Mobile: 07482012398


Madina Institute Oxford

Jazakallah Khayra

Today’s Prayer Timetable

Friday 22 Nov 2019

Fajr 5:366:45
Zuhr 11:511:15
Asr 2:192:45
Magrib 4:124:12
Isha 6:067:15
Jummah 1 12:151:00
Jummah 2 1:151:30

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