Madina Masjid Oxford
5 Sha'ban, 1441
The Most Complete Gift Of God Is Life Based On Knowledge

COVID-19: Public Notice

In compliance to Government and Health Professional advices, all daily activities for Public in the Masjid are temporarily SUSPENDED until further notice. This includes:

- Jumu’ah prayers

- Daily congregational prayers

- Madrasah and educational classes and other regular lectures


We urge everyone to pray salah at home, this also includes Jumu’ah, which should be replaced with the normal Dhuhr (consisting of 4 raka’at) prayer. You must seek NHS advice urgently in case of any health issue 

May Allah protect all humans and keep everyone safe and healthy Amen


Today’s Prayer Timetable

Monday 30 Mar 2020

Fajr 04:4606:00
Zuhr 01:0901:30
Asr 05:3206:00
Magrib 07:3607:36
Isha 09:1509:45
Jummah 1 12:3001:00
Jummah 2 01:1501:30

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